Blackstar HT-5 Combo

I’ve used this little bugger in the studio and live, although with a band that doesn’t play loud.. at all!!
Last week I tried to DI it, and it sounded more than acceptable.
In fact, it sounded better than when using my Engl/ fifty-fifty combination with a microphone hooked up.
Mic must’ve been REALLY shitty!!

5 watt valve amp, which I’d say is louder than a 25watt solid state!
1x1xECC83 and 1x12BH7 valves
Unique push pull power amp design
HT Pedal preamp
Two footswitchable channels
10inch Celestion speaker- this speaker is very good and is 40 watts
Enhanced tone controls

Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)- this lets you choose between a scooped aggresive metal tone and a classic crunchy rock tone to blues and anything inbetween
Speaker emulated output with 1×12 or 4×12 voicing or headphones
Effects loop with effects level switch
and of course clean,gain,bass,treble and middle;
no reverb