My live rig explained

I’ve linked the pre-amp and the FX-processor in the four-cable method, meaning I’m using the front input on the FX processor to pick up the wah, compressor and pre-gain FX. The Loop-send takes the signal to the Engl input. Its output then goes back to the Loop-return, on towards the digital effects.
The FX-processor’s output feed the power amp.

note 1: I replaced the Boss GX-700 (tone sucker!) with a Digitech GSP-1101. It works GREAT!
note 2: I’ve added the Nobels MS-4 Midi switch controller, so the Engl preamp is now switchable via midi.
note 3: new wireless: Sennheiser EW-100 G2. very sweeeet stuff: good reception, low noise, very good battery longevity.
I should update the diagram itself, shouldn’t I..