Rocktron Chameleon


An oldie from Rocktron which I acquired through a second-hand package deal. 

In short: very clear FX, very rich tone, very big knobs, very 80’s display, quite easy to operate.
I’ve used it in my Loud Rig for two gigs, and everybody seemed pleased enough about the sound. 

The wah-wah makes the distorted sound a bit harsh (no tubes, eh!), and I’m slowly but surely shying away from distortion presets within an effects program. 

Suppose you have a couple of clean sounds programmed, a dry distortion patch, the same distortion + delay and, finally, the latter patch + a mid boost, for solos. Then maybe one or two special variations (flanger, phaser, pitch shifter) using separate patches. 

Now, you find out during soundcheck the distortion doesn’t sit right. Tweak some knobs until you’re once again happy with your sound. Then, edit ALL the patches using this type of distortion with the same values you have just obtained tweaking one patch. 

This is why I prefer a seperate preamp. With a MIDI-preamp, you can map all of the patches on the effects processor to the same patch on the midi preamp. 

With a switchable preamp such as the Enlg E530, all changes are of course instantanious.