Sennheiser EW 300 IEM

A bit of a dilemma: I am guitar player in a Hard Rock band, where the volume goes UP, so I need to use ear plugs to protect my hearing.

Ear plugs suck arse (they do, seriously, because all the niceness of the guitar buzz gets lost), and, when doing vocals, I’m only guessing where my vocal chords are going to go. A good monitor system? Yes, shure, but it’s piling up sound upon sound, and a few more decibels will sooon push the walls outwards..

Sooooo… the in-ear thingy might seem the solution! I’ve so far only tried it with a CD player on one input and my guitar rig on the other, but I was pleasantly surprised at the result! I really can’t wait to use this in a live situation, and I’ll update as soon as I have.

  • solution dude says:

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