Jackson RR5FR Ivory white

The Jackson Pro Series RR5 Rhoads™ features an alder body with a maple neck (through body) and compound radius rosewood fingerboard. The Jackson Pro Series RR5 Rhoads™ comes equipped with Seymour Duncan® JB humbucking pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo and black hardware.

ESP Ltd 300 fm black

The latest in the line (.. does it ever end?). I was so incredibly pleased with my EC-401 I longed for more ESP, or ESP Ltd, in my collection. From the days of early thrash metal I’ve wanted a guitar with a reversed headstock, but the ones on the Jacksons always seemed a bit to […]

LTD EC-401 Olympic White

One look at this smashing Les Paul look-a-like, and you’ll know that this heavy metal monster has a lot, a whole lot more to offer than a Les Paul wanna-be! Featuring active EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N)  humbuckers, mahogany set neck-body construction, and 24 XJ frets, this guitar was built to rock.. I’ve used […]

PRS SE Custom sunburst

This is the Korean made Paul Reed Smith SE Custom. I’ve played two USA versions of this guitar, and to be honest: the USA version is better sounding, stays in tune a WHOLE lot better (it just stays in tune, okay?) but soundwise I don’t think I would ever spend the eight-fold amount of money […]

Washburn X5

When I bought this guitar new in the shop for almost NOOO money I was surprised by the sound of the pickups! Quite sharp on the bridge, a bit jazzy on the neck, well-placed three way switch. After a while I started having trouble getting it tuned properly, and it turned out it’s just a […]

PRS SE Santana

I have the grey version without a pick guard, but with a tremolo. It sounds a lot cheaper than the SE Custom, it weighs a lot less, the pickups have less output, so I use it as a backup guitar. Recently, I replaced the bridge pick-up with a spare Seymour Duncan from Casper, who switched […]

Ibanez EX360

It’s metallic purple, it has a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, and it’s the guitar I played my first gig with. I’ve had too much fun with this guitar to say out loud that it’s not a very good one. Probably bad maintainance… eh?

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye LP

I found this guitar on a second hand site on the internet. Kind of dodgy, I couldn’t quite figure out whether this was a “real” Epiphone that hadn’t passed quality control (some minor details in the guitar’s finish weren’t quite up to par), or that this was a “genuine” made in China product. Despite the […]