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Rocktron Chameleon

An oldie from Rocktron which I acquired through a second-hand package deal.  In short: very clear FX, very rich tone, very big knobs, very 80’s display, quite easy to operate. I’ve used it in my Loud Rig for two gigs, and everybody seemed pleased enough about the sound.  The wah-wah makes the distorted sound a […]

Alesis RA100

This is a reference amplifier with a fair guid quality to it. I’ve used it in my guitar setup for a while, combined with the Rocktron Pro G.A.P. Nowadays I used it for mixing, or just playing music from my computer. The Alesis has two big volume knobs and an On/Off switch. very clear sound. […]


My all-time heroes from Anthrax played in The Hague. I enjoyed the show from up close, but ended up with a broken rib. [nggallery id=2]

Boss GX700

  Very coooool, easy-to-use multi-fx processor by our good friends from the Roland Cooporation. I happen to know that Mick Thompson, a.k.a. #7, from Slipknot has two of these units in his rack (one as a spare..).  The unit’s internal routing mechanism is incredible.. there isn’t one! Although this is not entirely true, Boss has […]


My band played a headlining gig for Monsters of CoverRock in LVC in Leiden. [nggallery id=8] photos courtesy by Purkel 2009.

Samson PB11

A 19inch, 1U rack-spaced power regulator. I bought this after hearing horrific stories of amps blown up by short-circuited PA system. Every place where they’ll REALLY let you rock out loud has a potentially short-circuiting PA-system. Or it should. Anyway, I took a long look at all the gear I’ve come to luuurvve so much and […]

Sennheiser EW 300 IEM

A bit of a dilemma: I am guitar player in a Hard Rock band, where the volume goes UP, so I need to use ear plugs to protect my hearing. Ear plugs suck arse (they do, seriously, because all the niceness of the guitar buzz gets lost), and, when doing vocals, I’m only guessing where […]

Behringer FC1010

MIDI foot-controller, featuring two expression pedals, ten banks of ten presets each, two relay switches (jack), MIDI-in,-out and -thru. I love this unit, although you’d have to be a bit of a nerd to get the most out of it. Suppose I am ;p  

Hughes & Kettner Warp 7

4×12 inch, 100W speaker cabinet, entirely black (even the logo!) for killer looks. the black metal grill protecting the speakers is actually made from plastic. The cabinet is loaded with four 30W Celestion Rockdriver Junior speakers. I’ve owned this for almost a week, using it live just once. The speakers weren’t quite able to handle […]

Marshall 1922

2×12 inch speaker cabinet, loaded with 75W Celestions. This particular one has tiny wheels attached for added convenience. Like the 1936, it weighs almost nothing, making it a joy to play elswhere. [rating:4.0]