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Roland GP-100

Sofar I’ve played with it for only half an hour. It seems far more complicated to operate than my GX-700, and the tone is nowhere near the sparkle of the Rocktron Chameleon, which I got with the Roland as a package deal. I played with it for a while, but somehow I can’t seem to […]

Rocktron Chameleon

An oldie from Rocktron which I acquired through a second-hand package deal.  In short: very clear FX, very rich tone, very big knobs, very 80’s display, quite easy to operate. I’ve used it in my Loud Rig for two gigs, and everybody seemed pleased enough about the sound.  The wah-wah makes the distorted sound a […]

Noordhaghe Indoor Shooting Range

Oh Yeshhh!!! [nggallery id=5] De foto’s zijn een beetje vaag, maar we wilden liever geen flits gebruiken.

Writing a WordPress User Manual

I get a lot of questions from my ‘Clientèle’ regarding the use of WordPress. This mainly concerns beginners’ questions, which is only natural, because advanced power-users wouldn’t need a website being built by someone else.. So, I’ve started writing a user manual. It will only cover the most basic tasks in WordPress, like adding a […]

McErrick Buys A New Effects Processor

My Boss GX700 failed on me, just out of the blue. I haven’t a clue what was going on, but all of a sudden the “master” volume just gave up. A friend measured the impedance on all the INs and OUTs, but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. He did, however, advice me to create […]

My live rig explained

I’ve linked the pre-amp and the FX-processor in the four-cable method, meaning I’m using the front input on the FX processor to pick up the wah, compressor and pre-gain FX. The Loop-send takes the signal to the Engl input. Its output then goes back to the Loop-return, on towards the digital effects. The FX-processor’s output […]

Alesis RA100

This is a reference amplifier with a fair guid quality to it. I’ve used it in my guitar setup for a while, combined with the Rocktron Pro G.A.P. Nowadays I used it for mixing, or just playing music from my computer. The Alesis has two big volume knobs and an On/Off switch. very clear sound. […]


My all-time heroes from Anthrax played in The Hague. I enjoyed the show from up close, but ended up with a broken rib. [nggallery id=2]

Boss GX700

  Very coooool, easy-to-use multi-fx processor by our good friends from the Roland Cooporation. I happen to know that Mick Thompson, a.k.a. #7, from Slipknot has two of these units in his rack (one as a spare..).  The unit’s internal routing mechanism is incredible.. there isn’t one! Although this is not entirely true, Boss has […]


I got to be witness to the marriage between my friends Maarten and Judith, so, obviously, we had to dress in style. [nggallery id=1]