Things & Stuff

Marshall 1936

2×12 inch speaker cabinet, loaded with 75W Celestions. This one (well, mine) sounds slightly better than my 1922, with more bass and better defined highs. It can easily be carried with one hand, due to its small size and the fact it has only two speakers. On the other hand, it’s hard create a stable […]

Marshall 1960A

Marshall’s most famous 4×12 inch speaker cabinet, and with good reason! [rating:4.0]

Washburn X5

When I bought this guitar new in the shop for almost NOOO money I was surprised by the sound of the pickups! Quite sharp on the bridge, a bit jazzy on the neck, well-placed three way switch. After a while I started having trouble getting it tuned properly, and it turned out it’s just a […]

PRS SE Santana

I have the grey version without a pick guard, but with a tremolo. It sounds a lot cheaper than the SE Custom, it weighs a lot less, the pickups have less output, so I use it as a backup guitar. Recently, I replaced the bridge pick-up with a spare Seymour Duncan from Casper, who switched […]

Ibanez EX360

It’s metallic purple, it has a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, and it’s the guitar I played my first gig with. I’ve had too much fun with this guitar to say out loud that it’s not a very good one. Probably bad maintainance… eh?

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye LP

I found this guitar on a second hand site on the internet. Kind of dodgy, I couldn’t quite figure out whether this was a “real” Epiphone that hadn’t passed quality control (some minor details in the guitar’s finish weren’t quite up to par), or that this was a “genuine” made in China product. Despite the […]

Boss GE31

This is a 19inch 1U rack-spaced, mono 31-band graphic equalizer with a jack input for remote switching. I bought it second hand, very cheap, but discovered that a parametric equalizer is much more useful in enhancing guitar sounds in a natural way.

Zoom 9120

19 inch, 1U rack space MIDI-controllable FX-unit from the nineties. It features all the basic effects, Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Reverb, Pitch-shifter in very hight quality (except maybe the pitch-shifter). Switching patches goes with zero dropout. Use this if you don’t want spectacular effects, but expect spectacular sound.

Marshall 8008

Valvestate 2x80W power amp. The ‘Valvestate’ circuitry consists of one (1) capacitor, which cuts the highs somewhat. It’s a great power amp if you’re on a tight budget, though, or if you’re on your way to buying a tube amp. It is much sought after, so it will keep market value. [rating:2.5]

Mesa Boogie fifty / fifty

After the twenty / twenty this is probably the most sought after power amp. All tubes, very tight-sounding power amp, featuring a very necessary 50W/15W switch. It is very, very loud. Playing in an Iron Maiden cover band, I don’t think I’ve ever turned it up beyond ‘3’. [rating:4.5]